by Mario Calderaro


7. blufilm still


Blufilm is the audiovisual attachment of the PhD thesis in anthropology of sound L’immagine-suono. Un paradigma d’ascolto in antropologia del suono (University of Turin, 2013). It is the final results of a two-years field-research at the Unfinished Dike of Blufi (province of Palermo), summed in a short lenght surround-sound movie. The Unfinished Dike of Blufi is a big eco-monster where nature is in a process of regeneration and, as practical example of image-sound, the following composition is choosen in order to illustrate the use of Soundfield SPS200 as a research tool and the surround sound as the acoustic setting for anthropological purposes.

Blufilm is based on almost one-year of video shootings all around the builded apparatus, and on one month of audio recordings in summer 2012, at sunset, from a specific listening point in front of the three galleries that convey from all around and from inside the mountain the whole soundscape.

The fifteen minutes are edited in order to evaluate the projection of Alterity (otherness) in such dismissed place’s atmospheres as much as in natural context where human presence is almost absent. In Blufilm this projection runs between the intensive listening of lifeforms sound’s presence and the visual pilgrimage during the four seasons.

Altough the PhD thesis is not avalaible in English translation this shortfilm can be downloaded from the following link:



Video download (.mov):

Right click and choose “Save file/link as” to download the movie




Year: 2013.

Lenght: 15min:09sec.

Editings: Mario Calderaro.

Credits: Francesco De Marco (audio-post), Michelle Randazzo (second camera).

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